Heirloom tomatoes

This is a great way to use abundant tomatoes and can be made more interesting by using colorful heirlooms. The classic flavor is with basil but you can use whatever you have in the garden. It works well with marjoram, rosemary or mint.


2-4 tomatoes depending on size. You want to have about 1 ½ c. when they are chopped
1 fat clove of garlic
1 T. fruity high quality olive oil
4-5 leaves fresh basil
Salt to taste

Cut the tomatoes in quarters and squeeze gently to remove the seeds and pulp. This may seem a waste, but if you leave it in, the dish will be runny. Chop the tomatoes coarsely into pieces about ½”

Take a big knife and smash the garlic clove. You don’t have to whack it – just push down on the knife and it will give way. Pull off the papery peeling and chop the clove coarsely.

Roll the basil leaves into a tight cigar and thinly slice.

Mix all together with the oil and toss with hot pasta, spread on toasted baguette slices over a schmear of goat cheese, or use as a topping for pizza or a baked potato.