Zucchini or Summer Squash Latkes

Gray striped zucchini

3 t. canola oil
1 lb. zucchini (3 medium), scrubbed
1 t. salt
1 lb. potatoes (2 medium), peeled
3 T. parmesan
3 T. flour
¼ t. black pepper
1 large beaten
1 large egg white, beaten

Set oven racks in middle and lower positions; preheat to 450 degrees. Brush baking sheets with 1 t. of the oil. Shred zucchini and place in colander, adding salt and tossing lightly. Let drain for 15 minutes. Squeeze out remaining liquid and place in large bowl. Grate potatoes and add to zucchini along with rest of ingredients. Toss to mix. Drop rounded tablespoonfuls onto baking sheets and press lightly to form cakes. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown on bottom. Turn them over and switch positions of baking sheets. Bake 10 minutes more.